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Often the issues we face as individuals run much deeper than what they may seem on the surface. For example, a physical ailment may not be just a physical issue, but actually linked to an emotional or spiritual issue, which has manifested into a physical issue. 

Holistic.Services is dedicated to bringing together services that invite you to explore yourself more deeply by using a holistic approach - meaning they recognise that wellbeing is made up of 8 dimensions and that all of these need to be balanced to equal total wellbeing; when there is an issue in one dimension, others are impacted. So to remedy the issue presented in one dimension, the other dimensions need to be taken into account for there to be true healing. The 8 dimensions are: 

        • physical
        • intellectual
        • emotional
        • spiritual
        • financial
        • occupational
        • environmental
        • social/relational  

      What they all have in common is the belief that the solution to all your struggles is already within you, but sometimes we need a little guidance from another to uncover them. The job of these services is to work with you to help you discover the root cause of the issue and give you the tools that are natural and inspired by you, to enable you to remedy this for yourself. 

      Find a local service provider or engage with someone online. All services listed are verified and reviewed by trusted sources. We encourage you to contribute by reviewing the services you engage with on Holistic.Services.