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I am a space holder
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Making a stand for you to heal your relationship with yourself

A Little About Bubble
An inclusive space of integrative methods of the medicine vibrations of the land that facilitates you to journey into your landscapes in the non ordinary realms for sacred wisdom energy you access your creative being, that influences your souls knowledge for the deepest surrender of your own body. You will be inspired to follow the pieces of your stories, supported with a deep listening to the individualism of the undertone of your unique soul-stories - as and when they are ready to come forward to be held and witnessed and freely express the full spectrum of your honest emotions, into physical form and impact your entire spiritual system. A nourishing safe space facilitating methods through the fusion of breath, shamanism, bodywork in alchemising energetics to take care of your soul, healing quantum frequencies and energy medicine to clean up your luminous fields and the power of voltage to honor your immortal soul be housed in a strong healthy vessel. I work from a place where soul-trust becomes real for you to find an inner safe space to rest, shedding your armouring to invigorate an intimate territory of your soul and liberate the deepest gratitude for your life.

About Me
I am a practitioner with the lived experiences essential to go into the depths that navigates through darkness that requires an integration of denial, confusion, warrior self and wounded inner child, to collapse beliefs and steer the shadow realms with spiritual emergence. Raised by a narcissistic mother, womanising father, ending a 20 year marriage, my journey with breath began in my commitment to heal my traumas. Though I ended up not as connected to myself, as I was still outsourcing my power. Another 10 years into a second marriage, then came the catalyse to trust my own body again. I did not need an authority expert I needed someone to hold the depths of compassion to alchemise Thrusting into an 18 month container for the embodiment of breathwork and shamanism, it was not easy to come back into being safe for the expressions of my physical responses of the primal shifts rooted in my breath, and bringing all forms of the light and dark aspects of myself to be seen. Through the grace and surrender of the intrinsic purification and transformation in peeling the layers of ancestral wounds of shame and neglect, I retrieved my soul pieces and integrated my shadows to be able to let go of my core wounds and limiting beliefs. Finding oneness within me. Free to be my entire self.

The Guts Of What I Do
Breathwork is the heart of my offerings, it is, the element and basis of all existence where you can become a full advocate for yourself, in the exhaustion point of where you are suffering and assimilate energy exchanges in the most honouring and empowering ways. I sit in my heart for the quality of compassion I hold for you, held in its own delicate space of intimacy, to the dark depths that takes courage in opening the heart space to work to heal lifetimes of heartache or whatever may be torturing your soul. My practice supports people of all genders who are looking to address trauma, grief, frustration, depression and anxiety and anyone who is looking to invite in more clarity, purpose, intention and connection to themselves and with spirit. I have trained with Breathwork Masters to work in the different realms combining breathwork with shamanic healing and bodywork to culminate uniting polarities, radical self-trust and authenticity in each persons unique soul-led body. You will be integrating your shadow - unacknowledged, hidden and overwhelmed parts of self - healing primal and early developmental trauma’s that set the pattern of your breath - which shows up in the way you think, feel and experience life and yourself. All of this is able to be integrated. You are able to create healing and change for yourself, gentle, loving and lasting.

More On My Journey How I Came To This Space
I’m endlessly passionate that everyone deserves to reveal the parts of themselves they have hid away, be it shoved down unworthiness to the terrifying pain from all the places where love has been withheld. At age 14, I was the youngest Samaritan in my birth town of Jersey, Channel Islands that started my next 30-years in the healing arts where this medicine distilled in me to develop the paradigms of holding space for others, for heartfelt connection, to be seen, felt and heard. From my irrepressible inquiry of all the components of ones existence seen as essential, the expansion of our interior wiring is to feel self-acceptance, is in my opinion a piece of humanities missing trust. My experience of a simple and stunning process in a session of Attunement Therapy was essence of being held with sacred-heart presence that regulated an unconditional trust that brings in more life, more love and more of the divine.

I have 3 kids and in over 16 years Ive tackled challenges of neurological disabilities and emotional disturbances, having find conventional tools that incorporated the multi layers I know is needed for the multidimensional human-spirit, to focus on re-tuning mind-body and adjusting imbalances of ones spirit. This began me to discover healing in cell communication on a deeper level with the integration balance of electro-magnetic energies transmuting in Sound. I completed Sound Healing Training that broaden the fields into Shamanic Sound, Crystal Tones Connection and Voice Therapy, exploring both intense sessions and enlightened sessions for varying results on the synergy of energy of the chakra system, bones and organs. I have an extensive range of working with the bowls with many groups; especially families using intuitive guidance in the sacred essence energy for wisdom, lessons and medicine to help break down emotional barriers to unlock and release deep patterns of any self-destruction. The bowls are tuned to synchronise brain waves and are played to achieve profound states of relaxation where healing takes place in the physical for those that need 20-mins to feel like 4-hrs and deeper sessions into the astral, causal and spiritual fields.

One of my favourite subjects is our prime survival source of survival that we and this rock; this beautiful, amazing rock called Earth are an exact match of 80% water that activates the solid matters of our physical life; and the largest source that influences consciousness. It is distributed throughout our entire bodies and found in every molecular system. The basis of my business and family is to invite in higher vibrational frequencies into our bodies, detoxify and energize, so it makes sense the essence of water we drink should be the exact structure that sustains this beautiful planet lifetime after lifetime - from the voltage of active molecular hydrogen that runs through the earth. This great discovery for me, was finding Dr Corrine Allen who specialises with brain development, being my daughter has numerous diagnosis mainly of neurological impairments, starting 4 years ago I gave her this Ionized Water that contains millions and millions of electrons of hydrogen-rich water that cured brain dehydration and every other organ in her body. It has been incomparable therapeutic powers accentuating nutrients, boosting a delicious activated harmonious balance to her life. Our passion is sharing this with others.

Being in the ever-deepening process it is such an exciting time as a collective evolution finding ways to facilitate altered states and raising consciousness on the planet. We are integrating bridging the worlds of science and healing with cutting edge science Healy Frequency Technology. My creative approach to offering Healy sessions is to implement your wisdom and strengthen intuition with the profile of Healy with individual sessions and personalised sessions; where I incorporate Energy Medicine of Access Bars and Body Processes, on the wellbeing of the soul mind-body with the Healy Device. I work with the energy of curiosity, empowering people to know your body and to align with their truth. Healy contributes some epic magic in working with quantum frequencies and for anyone to be able to take back control of their energy blocks existing in their field. I believe everything you need is encoded within you - and playing with these energetics you can have it all. And the more that you are. The more magnetic you become.

This is an authentic opening for your energetic intuitions to freely surface - to let go of rules - and taking your power back!
I will not let you hide from yourself,

Here You Will Find Trust In The Voice Of Your Own Soul.
Hayley x

I acknowledge the ancestors who walked the path before us, showing respect + honour to them.
I thank this land for all its blessings + the elders today + to the young people of tomorrow, who lead us to a stronger future.

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