Goldie Wildheart

I am a space holder
+ intuitive guide
making a stand for you to heal your relationship with yourself.

An inclusive space of integrative methods of the medicine vibrations of the land that facilitates you to journey into your landscapes in the non ordinary realms for sacred wisdom energy you access your creative being - influence your souls knowledge for the deepest surrender of your own body.

A nourishing safe space facilitating methods through the fusion of breathwork, shamanism, bodywork in alchemising sound energetics to take care of your soul, healing quantum frequencies and energy medicine to clean up your luminous fields and the power of electric water to honour your immortal soul be housed in a strong healthy vessel.

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You will be inspired to follow the pieces of your stories, supported with a deep listening to the individualism of the undertone of your unique soul-stories - as and when they are ready to come forward to be held and witnessed and freely express the full spectrum of your honest emotions, into physical form and impact your entire spiritual system.

I work from a place where soul-trust becomes real for you to find an inner safe space to rest, shedding your armouring to invigorate an intimate territory of your soul and liberate gratitude for your life. Through the grace and surrender of the intrinsic purification in peeling away ones layers of ancestral wounds of any shame and neglect, where we retrieve our soul pieces, to integrate our shadows, to let go of core wounds and limiting beliefs. Becoming free to be your entire self.

I am a practitioner with the lived experiences essential to go into the depths that navigates through darkness that requires an integration of denial, confusion, warrior self and wounded inner child, to collapse beliefs and steer the shadow realms with spiritual emergence. My personal pains have been the catalyse to trust my own body again. We do not need an authority expert, we require someone to hold the depths of compassion of the primal shifts rooted in our body. 

Breathwork is the heart of my offerings, it is, the element and basis of all existence where you can become a full advocate for yourself, in the exhaustion point of where you are suffering and assimilate energy exchanges in the most honouring and empowering ways. I sit in my heart for the quality of compassion I hold for you, held in its own delicate space of intimacy, to the dark depths that takes courage in opening the heart space to work to heal lifetimes of heartache or whatever may be torturing your soul. My practice supports people of all genders who are looking to address trauma, grief, frustration, depression and anxiety and anyone who is looking to invite in more clarity, purpose, intention and connection to themselves and with spirit.

I have trained with Breathwork Masters to work in the different realms combining breathwork with shamanic healing and bodywork to culminate uniting polarities, radical self-trust and authenticity in each persons unique soul-led body. You will be integrating your shadow - unacknowledged, hidden and overwhelmed parts of self - healing primal and early developmental trauma’s that set the pattern of your breath - which shows up in the way you think, feel and experience life and yourself. All of this is able to be integrated with Breathwork, to create healing and change for yourself, that is loving and lasting.

From my irrepressible inquiry that all the components of ones existence are seen as essential. There is a piece of humanities missing trust for one to feel self-acceptance and this is gift we easily miss that will expand our interior wiring to bring in more love and more life. The modality of Attunement Therapy is one of the simplest modalities in its essence that regulates any unconditional trust; to bring in more life and more love.

As a parent of 3 children I have tackled challenges of neurological disabilities and emotional disturbances, having to find conventional tools that incorporated the multi layers of imbalances I trained in Sound Healing to balance electro-magnetic energies working with Shamanic Sound, Crystal Tones Connection and Voice Therapy to alchemise the chakra system, bones and organs. I work with these bowls in all my sessions for cell communication to break down barriers that unlock and release patterns of any deep self-destruction that require sound frequencies to transmute. 

Our prime survival source of survival that we and this rock; this beautiful, amazing rock called Earth are an exact match of 80% water that activates the solid matters of our physical life; and the largest source that influences consciousness. It is distributed throughout our entire bodies and found in every molecular system. The basis of my business and family is to invite in higher vibrational frequencies into our bodies, detoxify and energize, so it makes sense the essence of water we drink should be the exact structure that sustains this beautiful planet lifetime after lifetime - from the voltage of active molecular hydrogen that runs through the earth. I work with the exchange of this Ionized Water as it contains millions of electrons of hydrogen-rich water that cures the body's dehydration to faciliate energy to travel 4 times faster. It it incomparable therapeutic powers accentuating nutrients, boosting a delicious activated harmonious balance to ones life. 

We are in the ever-deepening process of collective evolution and in the integration to bridge the worlds of science and healing I work with the science of Healy Frequency Technology. My creative approach to offering Healy sessions is to implement your wisdom and strengthen intuition with the profile of Healy; where I offer sessions with Healy alone as on the wellbeing of the soul mind, body with Healy incorporating Energy Medicine of Access Bars and Body Processes as a fusion of 3d and 5d quantum healing where anyone is able to take back control of their energy blocks existing in their field.

Everything you need is encoded within you - come play with these potent energetics to return, remember - to live Wild + Free. 

Spiritual Heart, Health + Happiness

Goldie Wildheart
Breathwork, Shamanic Healing + Bodywork
Attunement Therapy, Quantum Frequencies
Alchemy Sound Healing + Health Voltage  

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I acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which I work and live – the Whadjuk Noongar people and I pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging.
Always was, always will be Aboriginal Land.

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